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Our Services

ATG Media Group provides Social Media Marketing and Representation Management services to a broad array of talent: Actors, Models, Journalists, Sports Figures, Influencers and Public Personalities as well as businesses across multiple industries.

Our Core Services are:

1. Social Media Strategy Development

2. Community Management on Social Networks

3. Talent Representation

We develop innovative strategies and techniques to engage with our client’s audience on leading social networks.

We develop high ROI tactics for our clients through social media, public relations, and positioning and help them increase brand awareness and traffic, boost brand engagement, and grow revenue.


Talent Management and Representation

The Founders of ATG Media Group have decades of experience providing one-on-one Talent Management services to Actors, Models, Journalists, Sports Figures, Public Personalities, Singers, and Influencers, as well as businesses across multiple industries. In addition to traditional management services, we develop high ROI tactics for our clients through Social Media, Public Relations, and Brand Positioning.

We help our clients increase brand awareness and traffic, boost brand engagement, and grow revenue.

Industry and Market Analysis

We will analyze your Brand’s target market and the competitive set, including market share and positioning on social platforms, competitor strategies, and the segmentation of the desired audience. We use these key factors in crafting a curated Social Media strategy for the best ROI within the category.

Encourage Customers and Followers to Engage

A key element of success is knowing who your real audience is and how best to engage with them.
We identify who is your prime target and what are their patterns and behavior.
Then we develop strategies for positioning and social media activities that will differentiate your Brand from the competitors and encourage customers/followers to engage.

Implementation and Evaluation

Our Community Managers provide ongoing channel guidance and support implementing your curated Social Media plan, increasing brand awareness and traffic while boosting Brand engagement from customers in your target market. Our Strategy Evaluation process provides for proactive tailoring as needed to increase exposure and engagement towards continual improvement in positioning and revenue.

Social Media Strategy and Development

We create a digital playbook with key strategies to increase your Brand’s reach and engage your Social Media users through specific objectives and ROI goals. Our team utilizes the SMART acronym (Specific, Measurable, Agree, Realistic, Time Based) during all strategy development to ensure they are achievable.

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Yarit Mila

Yarit Mila began her career 30 years ago in the Media and Entertainment business developing content for television channels throughout Latin America, USA, Europe, and the Middle East.

As an Independent Executive Producer, she has placed programming in Networks around the World.

She has been dedicated to the Development, Implementation, and Execution of business strategies for different catalogs of companies with scripted content.

She has also developed an extensive portfolio of clients across all platforms including Networks, Digital, Theatrical and Production Companies.

Yarit’s core strength is her vast experience with complex negotiations on Content Rights worldwide, crafting Production proposals for Series and Films, and navigating IP formats.
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Giampiero Posa

Computer Engineer, Art Director specializing in communication strategies and 25 years of experience in the advertising and technology area.

Communication advisor to the most important brands in Latin America, political advisor, university professor and Adobe certified expert.

He has worked in the development of advertising campaigns in much of Latin America
Stephanie Rodrígues is a Producer, Multimedia Storyteller, and Journalist specialized in Corporate Communication.

Her expertise as a Writer, Producer, and Director have won her an Emmy for Best Documentary in 2019, as well as numerous awards at the "Fusion International Film Festival" in Valencia, Spain.
Navidad 28

Stephanie Rodrígues